Richard’s main areas of interest are literature, theatre and film. He is an accredited lecturer for The Arts Society and has lectured for many societies in Britain and Europe. He has also lectured for Gresham College at the Museum of London, the Ludlow Georgian Festival, and many times at the National Army Museum.

All Richard’s lectures can be delivered in-person or virtually, and more details of them can be found here.


The Strand Magazine – An Illustrated History in 60 Years

P G Wodehouse in London – ‘Welcome home, Jeeves!’

P G Wodehouse and the magazine short story

Agatha Christie and Dorothy L Sayers in London

Sherlock Holmes From Page to Screen – The Evolution and Revolution of an Icon

Conan Doyle Among the Illustrators

Sherlock Holmes and his Contemporaries

Arthur Conan Doyle in London – A Stout Heart in the Great Cesspool

Conan Doyle at War – From ‘The White Company’ to the Western Front

Duty Before Fiction – Arthur Conan Doyle and the Boer War

The Great Divide – Arthur Conan Doyle and the Great War

Shakespeare’s London and the First Folio

David Niven and Friends – From Movie Extra to Hollywood Institution

Alfred Hitchcock’s London – Shaping a City for Suspense

The Flashman Stories and the Film Screenplays of George MacDonald Fraser

Jack Wild – The Lost Voices of an Artful Dodger

Talking About Audiobooks

“Ralph Lynn Asks You To Laugh Again”: The Painstaking Art of a Master of Mirth

Novelist, Playwright, Teacher and Soldier: The Remarkable Careers of Ian Hay

Pictorial Perfection: Gabrielle Ray and the Art of the Theatre Postcard

The Theatrical Exploits of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

‘Dreadful Walls of Newgate’: Dickens’ Oliver Twist and the Architecture of Justice.

Shadows in the Smoke: Bleak House and Dickens’ Legal London.

Ghosts of Ice and Fog: Investigating the Landscape of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.